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Graupner 2157 WP EISWETTE Seenotrettungskreuzer Pakket

Graupner 2157 WP EISWETTE Seenotrettungskreuzer Pakket

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LEVERTIJD 2-7 werkdagen

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Graupner 2157 WP EISWETTE Seenotrettungskreuzer  Pakket

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The award - winning Rescue Cruiser

The Original

The Eiswette is a sea rescue cruiser of the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked (DGzRS). Built in 2008 by the Fassmer shipyard in Berne, the Cruiser belongs to the new 20-meter class of the sea trout.
The Eiswette was especially designed for use in near-shore, shallow waters and has a very low draft.
In order to guarantee the use in the vicinity of the coast, the Eiswette has a rigid inflatable boat as a daughter boat.

It is the custom of the Bremer Eiswette to determine whether the Weser River flows or is frozen.
The daughter boat also got its name »Novize« from the environment of this custom.

The model

The Graupner premium kit of the Eiswette was created according to original plans of the shipyard. In 2016, the model was the winner of the magazine "ModellWerft"in the category "Fahrmodelle". Like all premium kits, the Graupner Eiswette is distinguished by the high-quality materials, the high level of detail and the well thought-out pre-production level. The detailed CNC machined components shorten the lengthy and difficult work steps. However, the kit is especially suitable for experienced model builders.
The daughter boat Novize comes without function and without drive, but can be equipped by the experienced model builder alsoappropriate.

The model consists of a glass fiber-reinforced hull (GRP) - the numerous decking and body parts made of ABS; Lasered or deep drawn. Additional realism lends the brass parts and many small milling parts. The Eiswette contains a very extensive decal set.

The model is not suitable for children under 14 years.
The operation under 14 years requires guidance by the parents.
Premium kit with GRP hull
Deck and parts of superstructures made of CNC cut ABS.
RC Socket and ship stand made of laser cut wood.
Complete fitting set made of Resin molded parts and laser cut ABS parts. Photo etched brass details.
Extensive decoration set

Included in the set

All components and accessories of the model
Ship screw
Steering system
Servos for rudders and tailgate
Two strong brush electric motors
detailed instructions
1:1 Scale building plan
Small parts

Recommended accessoires

Graupner transmitter set mc-20 HoTT, DE, 12-channel & receiver GR-16 (No. 33020.16)
2 x Graupner speed controller SPEEDPROFI 40R BEC (No. 7196)
Pb Battery 6V / 7Ah (No. 775)
Faston Flat Plug 4.8 mm (No. 3597)
2 x Accumulator Cable JST Japan Standard G2 (No. 94308)
Graupner light module (No. 2381)
Super steam generator 12V (No. 2325)
High Performance Lubricating Grease (No. 570)
Wet.Protect 50ml Moisture Protection (No. 968.50)
Model ballast (No. 3663.100)
Technische gegevens
Maatstaaf: 1 : 20
Gewicht ca.: 8000 g
Breedte romp: 252 mm
Lengte ca.: 994 mm
Version: Bausatz