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BMI Brushless SPITZ COMBO .25+ESC 46A , 85585 Pakket

BMI Brushless SPITZ COMBO .25+ESC 46A , 85585 Pakket

280-410W motor vliegers-zwever +/-2100 gram, compleet set

Nu met de nieuwste 46A regelaar met DATA log.
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BMI Brushless SPITZ COMBO .25+ESC 46A , 85585  Pakket

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De sets zijn inclusief regelaar, propadapters 2x , motorsteun,
programmeerkaart, stekkers, reserve assen en natuurlijk een handleiding
Nu met de nieuwste  85555 Turbo 46 A regelaar met DATA log.
ESC C-46 S-BEC DATA YES 46A 55A Airplane / Heli 4A 2~7 servos Yes 5~18 NiMH 2~6 Lipo 58g

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• With these new Spitz Data-Log Brushless speed controller, that use the latest software, you cannot only
  control Spitz brushless motors, but every type of brushless motor.
• The ESC records flight data, which can be consulted after the flight with the Program Box.
• The controller can be programmed with the transmitter stick, with the program card or with the program box.
• Large cooling surfaces assure an optimal performance
• The Spitz data-Log controllers are equipped with an S-BEC that offers more current (A), which allows you to
  use more analog/digital servos (not for OPTO type)
• With the Program Box following features can be consulted after the flight:
• Max. temperature of the ESC
• Environment temperature
• Max./Min. current (A)
• Max./Min. voltage (V)
• Actual voltage (V)
• Off voltage (V)
• Motor run time
• Power on time
• Motor poles
• Gear ratio
• Max./Min. motor RPM
• Errors
• The fully programmable features include:
• Low voltage cut-off
• Battery type: LiPo, NiCd, NiMH.
• Automatic recognition of the cell count.
• Adjustable timing
• Acceleration mode: soft start, hard start
• Switching frequency : 8kHz or 16kHz
• Rotation direction: clockwise or counter clockwise
• Propeller brake: on/off
• -BEC: 2,5A ~4A or OPTO