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Graupner 1994 Außenbordmotor G-Drive, buitenboordmotor Pakket

Graupner 1994 Außenbordmotor G-Drive, buitenboordmotor Pakket


Niet leverbaar door fabrikant!

Graupner | Artikelcode: 1994

Graupner 1994 Außenbordmotor G-Drive, buitenboordmotor  Pakket

  • Productinformatie

The new generation of outbard engines

The outboard motor is suitable for medium-sized and large racing and sport boats up to 1 m in length.
The transmission is carried out via helical toothed metal bevel gears.
An external lubrication nipple is installed to maintain the gears from outside.
The shafts run in V2A ball bearings.
The outboard motor is attached to the rear mirror of a boat with fourscrews.
A height adjustment of approx. 7 mm and a change of the inclination angle of approx. ± 5 ° is made possible by the holder.

The Brushless electric motor is not included. We recommend No.7777.
The motor cover must be removed to install the connecting cables.
For this purpose the motor cover is removed on both sides with the removed cross-slotted screws.
Generally, motors with diameters of 35-45 mm and up to 800 W power are possible.

Connect the connection cables to the motor in the correct polarity, and then install them so that they can be routed through the small right-angled recess from the motor cover.

The outboard motor is articulated via the two lateral articulation lugs.
The boat openings for the connecting cables as well as the rudder steering must be carefully cleaned with rubber grommets or rubber muffs. 3356 against water.


Hydropropeller Ø 38 mm (No. 1992.1)
Bevel gear set Steel helical toothed (No. 71992.3)

Recommended accessories

High Performance Lubricating Grease (No. 570)
Electric motor HPD 2920-3770 (No. 7777)
Brushless + T 100 (No. S3030)
Technische gegevens
Breedte e.d.: 46 mm
Hoogte ca.: 170 mm
Gewicht ca.: 166 g
Lengte ca.: 110 mm