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MPX 308566 POWER PEAK® B7 EQ-BID 12 / 230V Pakket

MPX 308566 POWER PEAK® B7 EQ-BID 12 / 230V Pakket

Met BID chip geschikt voor 7 cellen lipo, life lilo, 12V loodaccu en NIMH




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MULTIPLEX | Artikelcode: 308566

MPX 308566 POWER PEAK® B7 EQ-BID 12 / 230V  Pakket

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High-performance 230 V / 12 V charge / discharge station with battery management for
1…16 NC / NiMH cells,
1…7 LiIo, LiPo and LiFe cells,
and 2 V...12 V lead-acid batteries.
With integral Equalizer and BID system.

The universal charging station for all modelling applications, with a maximum charge current of 10 A (50 W). It features a clearly arranged display of the charge parameters and battery data on the LCD.
The menu is available in three languages (English, German and French), selectable by software.
The integral Equalizer with its powerful 280 mA automatically brings the individual lithium cells to an equal voltage during the charge process.
Powerful equalizer current and high charge current are required for a fast battery charge.
An integral USB port with bootloader function for later software updates allows you to keep the unit up-to-date.
Using this USB interface, the data can be displayed in graphic or numerical form on a PC as well as stored, compared and printed.
The LogView software required for this is freely available to download as Donationware.

Safe, simple operation and automatic storing of the essential battery data using the robbe BID system (Battery IDentification system)

The special advantages of the BID system
Simply connect the BID chip or key to the charger, and start the charge process with the Start button.
Maximum protection from incorrect operation
The essential battery data are stored on the BID chip
Naturally the Power Peak B7 EQ-BID charger can also charge batteries without the BID system
Ten internal battery data memories

Charge, discharge, / charge 1 x
Display of charged-in and discharged capacity
Display of input voltage and charge voltage
Optional automatic or manual charge / discharge functions
Display of individual cell voltages from Equalizer, optionally as summary (to two decimal points) or as list (to three decimal places - 1/1000 Volt) resolution

NC / NiMH batteries 1…16 cells
the automatic digital Delta-Peak cut-off circuit terminates the charge process at the correct time, and is set up for NC and NiMH batteries.
Lithium-batteries 1…7 cells Display of single cell voltages of Lithium- battery packs Automatic charge termination using the CC-CV charge method
Lead-acid batteries 1…12 cells (2...24 Volt) Automatic charge termination using the CC-CV charge method
Set contents
1 Power Peak B7 EQ-BID battery charger
1 DC 12 V connecting lead
1 Switch-mode mains PSU, 230V / 5A, with mains plug
1 BID chip

Charge current: 0.1...10 A (50 W)
Weight approx.: 230 g
Input voltage: 10 - 15 V DC or 230 V AC
Discharge current: 0,1...10A (5W)
No. of cells: 1-16 NC / NiMH 1-7 LiIo (3.6 V), LiPo (3.7 V) or LiFe (3.3 V) – 9.9 Ah 1-12 PB / Lead-acid 20 Ah