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Laden 3 accupacks tegelijk tot op 0,001V nauwkeurig

Eindeloos, vliegen, rijden of varen!
Geschikt voor:
3x 1-14 NC/NiMH
3x 1-6 LiIo (3,6 V),
3x 1-6 LiPo (3,7V)
3x 1-6 LiFe (3,3V)
3x 1-6cellen PB/Blei 20Ah 12V




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MULTIPLEX | Artikelcode: 308562

MPX POWER PEAK@ TRIPLE 360W EQ-BID  308562  Pakket

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Inhoud Pakket;
1 x Power Peak Tripl3 360W EQ-BID with 4 mm gold connectors
1 x BID-CHIP with lead
1x  pair of plug-in croc-clips in red and black

The proven Power Peak TRIPL3 charge-discharge station has been more than doubled in output power
and now supplies 3 x 120 Watt charge power.

This charger is perfect for simultaneously recharging several high capacity 6S Lipo batteries in the shortest time.
Charge-discharge station with battery management for 3 x 1…14 cell NiCad/NiMH batteries, 3 x 1…6 cell LiIo, LiPo or LiFe batteries, as well as 3 x 2...12V lead-acid batteries. With 3 integrated Equalizers and 3 BID-Systems.
This 3-output Universal-charge-discharge station is a compact charging unit for all who need to charge many batteries at the same time from a mobile 12 V DC source.
The charger´s wide charge current range of 0.1 to 5 A makes it suitable for small slow-fly models, transmitter and receiver batteries, and also for large surface and flight packs.
Each charging circuit has its own Equalizer and BID connector. Simultaneous, but fully independent charging of 4 batteries. Naturally, the charging of one battery type (3x LiPo), as well as other battery types (NiCad, NiMH, and LiPo), can be made simultaneously and independent from each other.
By connecting it to the SPS-Mains Power Supply 240V/40A No. 8539, the charge station can also be used at home connected to the mains supply.
The control and display of the charge parameters are made via a combined CAP-Touch-Keypad and a backlit LC-Display, which will be switched to the respective output. The menus can be chosen from german, english, french and spanish languages.
The integrated Equalizer automatically balances the voltage level of the individual cells during the charging process. The Equalizer current is approximately 250 mA and is also sufficient for batteries with a capacity exceeding 5Ah. Simple, secure operation and automatic storage of the essential battery data in the BID system. (Battery-IDentification-System.

The unique advantage:
Simply plug the BID-Key into the charger and the charge process begins. No tiresome adjustments of charge parameters in the menu Maximum protection against incorrect operation Storage of the most important battery data on the BID-Chip/Key
Naturally, the Power Peak triple Charger can charge batteries not fitted with BID-System 1 BID-Chip is included with the charger.
Functions, for all 3 outputs
Discharge/charge 1 x Display of charged and discharged capacity Display of the input and charge voltage Equalizer display- shown as a single cell voltage, Functions: with a choice of summary (to 2 decimal points) or as a list function to 3 decimal points (1/1000 Volt) resolution 10 internal battery data memories
NiCad/NiMH-batteries 1…14 cells
The digital Delta-Peak-automatic cut-off switches off the charge process at the correct point in time and is set for NiCad- and NiMH-batteries.
Lithium-batteries 1…6 cells LiIo (3.6V) or LiFe (3.3V)
Display of single cell voltages of Lithium battery packs Automatic cut-off using the CC-CV-charge method
Lead batteries 1…6 cells (2...12Volt)
Automatic Cut off using the CC-CV-charge method

more Specifications:
Input voltage: 11-15 Volt DC

Elke uitgang 10 interne geheugens .
Alle uitgangen met Equalizer-Functie en BID-System.

Charge current with 6S-LiPo-Packs = 5 A

1 x Power Peak Tripl3 360W EQ-BID with 4 mm gold connectors
1 x BID-CHIP with lead
1 pair of plug-in croc-clips in red and black
Dimensions: 270 x 160 50 mm